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Velocity Cycle Wear

Customer Reviews

Men's Climber Trousers

"Loving this brand! I've championed you guys to so many people, I've lost count"

"These trousers are not just stylish, they also tick all the boxes for comfort and practicality. I am massively impressed. Well done Velocity on producing a great product." 

"These are bloody brilliant. Perfect cut for me, tapered bottoms and thigh area roomy enough. Most comfortable cycling trousers i've bought by far! I've got three different Rapha trouser and two from Vulpine. These are better than any of those. Well done to whoever designed them!!"

Women's Climber Trousers

"Really like these trousers! They're flattering and comfortable for cycling too, with plenty of room around the knees so they don't rub on your kneecaps when you're cycling. The legs are long, but you can roll them up to reveal the reflective bit on one leg."

"These are amazing trousers! They are super comfortable one the bike with just the right amount of stretch and fabric in the right places. Off the bike at work, with a blazer and smart footwear, I have had so many compliments on them. They look and feel smart and a bit snazzy. Brilliant! I also love that they are made in London in what feels like a sustainable and human-scale manner. Well done Velocity! I shall be back to purchase another pair as soon as I can!"  

"The best cycling trousers I ever had! So comfortable, so chic! A real pleasure to wear and now I don't want to wear my jeans any more! I want all the collection! Thank you for your work!"

"The best cycling trousers i've ever had. I didn't actually get to wear them that many times before the weather warmed yp and I switched to the shorts, but not only are they incredibly comfortable and hardwearing ON the bike, but they look every bit as good when you jump off the bike into a meeting or the theatre, or a restaurant, which is exactly what I want in a pair of trousers!"